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With a Legal Recruiter You Hire Only the Best Candidates

When it comes to making sure that you have the right individuals on your team, working with an experienced legal recruiter is the key. Professionals in placement of legal talent offer a streamlined way of placing the right legal team members with the right corporations or firms. Working with a legal recruiter allows you to hire only the best candidates for the position in a timely manner and with minimal effort on your part.

Weeding through the large number of candidates for positions in your office can be time consuming, overwhelming and simply difficult, but working with a legal recruiting team will allow you to eliminate those candidates that are not a good fit for the position and your team, leaving you with a handful of excellent individuals to choose from. With over 83,000 lawyers in Canada to choose from, finding just the right professional for the job can be challenging, which is all the more reason why you need to get help finding the perfect candidate from a legal recruiter.

A legal recruiter is well equipped to ask the right questions in order to pick out the right candidate for the job. With experience in the legal field, they can look to the needs of the client and carve away at the options until the right one is revealed. Not every firm or corporation has the same needs, and what might be a wonderful lawyer for one firm might not fit into the corporate culture of another. Whether it is an in-house lawyer for corporation maintenance or a lawyer in a legal firm, there are different attributes required for various positions.

Advertising for positions is only one way to bring potential lawyers to the door – a qualified legal recruiter will have a database of resources to turn to when searching for the perfect candidate for your firm or office. They will be able to meet with the candidates, perform initial interviews and wade through the options until they hone in on the perfect group of options for your business needs. After they have narrowed down the options, you will be able to choose from those that have already been vetted, qualified and had referrals verified. This saves not only a lot of time (time that’s better spent on core competencies), but saves a lot of money, as a protracted search process can very easily drain company funds.

Compiling a group of legal professionals that will fit together well is not an easy task. Hiring a professional recruiter that specializes in locating lawyers in Canada to join your team is the easiest way to get the best results in the fastest manner. Whether you are searching for someone to help part time, full time or per diem, its vital to save time and money by choosing the right person the first time. A law firm should operate like a well-oiled machine – think of a legal recruiter, then, as a particularly good mechanic!