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Why Mastering New Legal Software is Worth It

Law firms across the country are gradually coming to the realization that technology is passing them by. They are realizing they have to upgrade to keep up. They have to get with the 21st century or be content to watch helplessly as the rest of the world moves forward.

Legal case management software is where much of this plays out in law firms. As new and better applications become available, law firms have to decide whether to make the leap or continue as-is. They know this all too well at NuLaw, a company that offers an innovative legal case management system based on the popular Salesforce CRM platform.

NuLaw developers are fully aware that there is a learning curve that comes with new software. And when you’re talking a law firm transitioning from half-a-dozen legacy systems to an all-inclusive cloud-based solution, that learning curve can be fairly steep. But NuLaw concurs with others who believe that overcoming the learning curve to master new software is worth it.

The Cloud Changes Everything

One of the first things you notice with modern case management applications is how different things are in the cloud. To say that the cloud changes everything is to state the obvious. There is just no comparison. The cloud allows for all sorts of integration that makes it possible to combine multiple systems into one.

In the cloud, data can be accessed from virtually anywhere. That means attorneys do not have to be in the office to have access to the information they need. It means access can be controlled by granting permissions to those who need it. It means that different people within a firm can collaborate using the same data even if they are not located in the same place.

The cloud also changes the discovery process. Not only do cloud-based systems open the door to more efficient online research, they also invite law firms to build extensive libraries of documents and data that is easily retrieved at any time. As a library grows, discovery gets ever better.

Automation Improves Efficiency

Moving case management software to the cloud does a lot all on its own. But it gets better. Most of the modern case management applications out there utilize exciting technologies like artificial intelligence and automation. As far as the latter is concerned, it’s amazing what a little bit of automation can do to make a law firm better.

Automation can be applied to the billing department with very little effort. Through an integrated system that keeps track of billable hours, retainers, billing cycles, etc., all it takes to automate a variety of billing tasks is setting up a few rules.

Even tasks like calendaring and document reviews can be automated. And when artificial intelligence is added to the equation, a cloud-based system can do things like review and correct contract language and analyze data to improve case acquisition efforts.

A Whole New Law Office

If you haven’t figured it out by now, modern cloud technology has revolutionized legal case management software. Today’s cutting-edge applications are light years ahead of the software that was brand-new a decade ago. Comparing new and old side-by-side quickly makes that apparent.

Upgrading to a modern system creates a whole new law office. Yes, there is a learning curve that comes with new applications. And yes, the learning curve can be steep when you’re combining multiple legacy systems into a single cloud-based environment. But once that new software is up and running and everyone is comfortable with it, the benefits of all that effort become apparent.