Why Hire an Attorney for an Identity Theft Case

Identity theft is a specific crime involving using another person’s information without their consent or permission. It manifests in various ways, from phishing scams to stealing mail.

Apart from affecting a person’s emotional well-being, it may have long-lasting consequences on their credit score and finances.

You must sign up for protection support with account and credit monitoring, which may help avoid fraud before it even happens.

Is identity theft a federal crime? Yes, it is – this is why you need to hire a professional attorney if you suspect you are defrauded. Hiring a good attorney comes in handy for various reasons. These reasons include the following:

1. Protect Your Rights

Identity thefts have serious emotional and financial consequences. An attorney will advocate for your rights as well as ensure you’re held accountable for fraudulent activities that thieves have committed using your name. Your attorney will also help you restore your credit and recover financial losses.

2. File a Police Report

Your attorney can help you to file a police report. Since identity theft is a serious crime, filing a police report can help ensure that you find the people who are accountable for stealing your personal information.

This, in turn, helps clear up credit issues, especially if the identity thieves use your name to open a new line of credit or finances to do something else.

To get and file a police report, your attorney will advise that you get your government-issued ID, proof showing theft, and FTC identity theft report.

3. Review the Case Thoroughly

With your attorney’s help, you can review your case thoroughly. The consultation amount attorneys get from the people who have the same cases as you enables them to professionally review your case.

Hiring a lawyer capable of investigating your unique case can give you an insight into the next steps you should take and ensure you have sufficient evidence to win the case. Without a lawyer by your side, you won’t understand the specific details of your case.

4. Get Compensated

Your attorney will work with relevant credit bureaus as well as other financial institutions to ensure you get compensated for all your losses. They have negotiation skills to negotiate on your behalf.

In some situations, your attorney will help to prosecute defendants and even collect fines that the court imposes.

5. Navigate Complex Situations

While you may know that you need to act against identity thieves, you can be unsure what to do. It is very time-consuming and challenging to submit the paperwork, speak to law enforcers, and reach out to credit bureaus. However, with an attorney by your side, you will have nothing to worry about dealing with the whole situation alone.

Final Remarks

Lawyers are good at what they do; that job isn’t just restoring identity theft. Like doctors, many attorneys also specialize in a specific area. So, choosing an attorney specializing in specific types of identity theft cases you are dealing with is important.