When should you not file An Insurance Claim?

Despite being the best driver with years of experience, anyone can face car accidents. While some people feel car insurance is just a waste of money, people who have been into driving for years understand its effectiveness. However, there can be quite a long process in settling the claim process. If you are not aware of what needs to be done and the legal requirements, you might need the top car accident lawyer.

It is no wonder that filing an auto claim might seem like a never-ending loop, but your lawyer can make it easy. However, before moving forward to claiming, you must know the situation when not to file an auto insurance claim. These are the situations when the insurance companies will directly deny the claim. Therefore, even when it is rare, you must be aware of the cases where you don’t have to file a claim.

When the Policyholder’s Negligence Is the Reason for the Accident:

Accidents are probably one of the worst enemies of people. It can happen anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, it is the road condition, or sometimes the weather that can also result in accidents. We all know it is impossible to fight with nature, and hence if you have met an accident due to such reasons, you might be on the rejection list.

If the insurance company finds that you might be the reason for the accidents, your claim will not proceed further. Some of these incidents are when the driving license is invalid or driving while you were drunk. In case these were the reasons, the insurance company will undermine your claim. This is the very first situation to your question for when not to file an auto insurance claim.

When You Have Not Faced Any Big Medical Injuries:

If you are looking forward to filing a claim for medical injuries that happened due to the car accident, the first and the most crucial thing is to get started with the medical treatment. In case there are no medical injuries, the insurance company might counterattack. Therefore, you will need to produce the medical bills and the treatment certificates from the doctors as proof. Only then will you be able to make a strong point in front of the insurance company.

When There Is No Valid Proof Of The Accident:

Filing car insurance claims will demand the damage made photographs and the injuries caused. However, if there is no valid proof of the accident, you might not be able to convince the insurance companies. Therefore, you must have knowledge about the situation when not to file an auto insurance claim before you get into the rejection.

This is why it is always asked to file a police report and exchange the required information for a smooth settlement.

Bottom Line:

These are some of the most common situations you have to keep in mind before communicating with your insurance companies. With the information about when not to file an auto insurance claim, you can take practical steps with a lawyer and get the right solutions.