What to Do After a Bankruptcy in Virginia?

While filing for bankruptcy in Virginia, the notice form that you have to fill out for filing your case for bankruptcy is a very important one. This form will consist of your case number, the date when you filed your petition, and the district information. Often, the information about your Trustee is also available there.

This document will be proof that you have already filed for bankruptcy now and hence you will be under stay protection, which will prohibit your creditors to harass you. You must contact any Chapter 7 bankruptcy law firms in Virginia like John W. Lee P.C who will offer you the necessary guidance.

However, it will be also a good idea to ensure that you must do the following after your case has been finalized.

  • Collect and Preserve all Paperwork Related to Your Case

You must have given all the details about your debts and incomes, etc. on the form that you filled out while filing your case in the Virginia court. You must preserve all those documents and show your creditors if they ever try to harass you for their dues.

  • Regularly Check Your Credit Report

You can obtain your free credit reports from 3 agencies and from there you can know about your creditor’s views about you. You must wait at least 3 to 6 months so that dust may settle by then. You can then review your credit reports again.

  • Regularly Start a Budget and Review

Now onwards, it will be better that you make your budget for every month and also monitor all your expenses. By doing this and also regularly reviewing, you will know where you are going wrong to manage your money properly. It is essential that you must be responsible for managing your money.

  • Start a Certain Emergency Fund

You must start creating a certain emergency fund so that in case any unforeseen situation ever occurs when you need immediate money then you can use this fund.

  • Think About Your New Credit

You must seriously think about it, and ensure that you do not again fall under the trap of debt. Credit is certainly important in today’s life, but you must understand that debt is dangerous. You have to be responsible with your money now.

It will also be a nice idea to remain in touch with your lawyer for any advice that may be required from time to time.