What Are the Causes of Truck Accidents in Colorado?

Commercial trucks are important when it comes to Colorado’s economy. Unfortunately, they pose a danger to other drivers sharing the same road. According to statistics that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration collected, more than 3,500 motorists get killed, and more than 90,000 are injured every year following truck accidents.

While this has been a common issue for many years, it recently became a topic of concern nationally when a limousine carrying Tracy Morgan, a famous actor and comedian, rear-ended a truck. Similar accidents happen in Colorado, and it would help a lot to know the causes so you can avoid them altogether. Some of the common causes of Colorado truck accidents include the following:

1. Malfunctioning Brakes

Most trucks have air brakes designed to stop loaded trucks traveling at around 40 mph speed. But when failures or malfunctions at the air brake occur, those trucks become a very deadly force.

Even if truck drivers continuously pump their brakes as advised, accidents due to brake failure can still happen, leading to a very dangerous scenario.

2. Distractions

Distracted driving has become a serious issue in Colorado. When distracted drivers drive a heavy truck, they risk causing a serious accident.

A lot of things can distract a truck driver. A good example is texting. Federal law prohibits drivers from using a texting or handheld cell phone while at the wheel.

3. Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers often drive for hours to cover a long distance. Spending long hours driving a truck can cause fatigue, decreased coordination, and a loss of focus. Truck drivers are sometimes forced to sleep for only four hours or less to increase a profit margin.

While government entities, such as OSHA, enforce a specific rule about driving hours on the clock, it can be very simple to fudge those numbers to increase the profit margin. When that becomes a routine, it results in a disastrous consequence.

4. Drugs and Alcohol Use

Drugs and alcohol use are two major causes of a truck accident. Mostly, truck drivers still opt to drive while they are intoxicated, and usually, the outcome is tragic.

For a commercial truck driver, the standards of driving and drinking are very strict. A driver who decides to be at the wheel after using drugs or alcohol can cause a serious accident.

5. Unbalanced or Overloaded Cargo

Improper cargo distribution and loading can contribute a lot to improper braking. When trucks are overloaded, and the cargo is distributed unevenly, it might significantly affect the performance of the brakes.

An imbalanced load or excessive weight may strain the braking system excessively, resulting in longer stopping distances, increased brake fade, and minimized stopping power.

Any accident that involves trucks can be very devastating. If you have suffered severe injuries because of negligent truck drivers, you will seek medical help right away and enlist the services of an attorney.

Identifying what caused the accident will be the first step in fighting for compensation and better settlement. Plus, your attorney will get the right to investigate to ensure you get the justice you deserve.