Undergoing a criminal lawsuit is stressful. It has a far-reaching impact. Often, people around us tend to treat us like criminals even before the court sentences one to be guilty. It takes a toll on our physical, psychological, social and financial health. To protect ourselves and live a comparatively normal life you need to experience Criminal Lawyer Edmonton. Someone who has years of experience n defending people in broad categories of criminal charges. Criminal law cases are far more complex than one might think. Having an experienced lawyer is a must. Following are some of the areas of practice that fall under the category of criminal law.

Facing Criminal Offence Charges

Being charged with a criminal offence can take over your life in ways unimaginable. At this point, you must have an experienced lawyer by your side. When it comes to criminal offence charges, there is no single approach that is followed for all cases. Having an experienced criminal defence lawyer will make the process easier.

Sexual Assault Charges

Such cases are highly complex. There are many intricacies that a lawyer needs to be aware of. They need to have an understanding of the laws and rules of evidence in place. The lawyer should have the knowledge and capacity to defend you. Hence, it becomes more crucial to find an experienced lawyer.

Drug Charges

There are heavy fines and lengthy sentences associated with drug charges. Whether you face charges for trafficking or possession of drugs, you need an experienced lawyer. They will fight for your right and help protect the reputation and freedom at stake.


When facing assault charges, you shouldn’t just leave your case to anyone. You need lawyers who have the right experience required to build a strong case. Only then will they be able to truly fight for your right.

Domestic Abuse Charge

Charges of domestic abuse have serious consequences. There can be a lengthy sentence. With such charges, you might even lose custody of your child or contact with the family. Having an experienced lawyer by your side can work towards preventing this.

Fraud and Theft

White-collar crimes are as serious as any other violent crime. Charges of fraud and theft also mean that you might lose your freedom. There are also chances of a lengthy statement. Having a strong defence team becomes essential. They will put up a strong defence in your favour, which is always helpful.

Bail Hearings

Bail hearings are rather complicated. These negotiations need to be handled with care. As it is the difference between remaining behind bars till you await trial and being outside and waiting. For a bail hearing, you need a lawyer who knows how to carry out the negotiations. These hearings tend to be very complex. It should always e handled by someone who has past experience.


Kidnapping is a serious crime. When accused of kidnapping, forcible enforcement or abduction, you need a strong team of lawyers will help you and defend your case.