Personal Injury

Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim for a Slip, Trip, or Fall

Every year, thousands of people around the country suffer injuries in the workplace or in an area that is overseen by a private entity. These injuries range from minor, where there might be a scrape or a bruise, to major, where serious injury was sustained. These injuries often result in unplanned leave from work and even hospitalisation.

Should You Carry The Burden?

The fact is that in legal terms, it is not fair to expect people who slipped, tripped, or fell to bear the entire financial burden of their injuries. This is especially the case where the injury is serious. Indeed, serious injuries such as this can have a significant impact on a person’s life, including:

  • Ongoing medical costs for hospital and follow-up treatments
  • Costs for psychological therapy due to trauma
  • Losing income due to injury

Slips, trips, and falls can cause some pretty serious issues and no person should have to bear the entire burden.

A Case of Personal Injury

Just imagine that you are walking through a shopping centre and the tiled floor is slippery due to the cleaner having left a puddle of water behind. You slip over and fall, causing a fracture.

In this case, the cleaner is employed as a contractor by the shopping centre management. This may be a case where the injury was caused by the cleaners not cleaning up after themselves and leaving behind a slipping hazard.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can assess all of the facts and advocate for the client in court against the shopping centre management if necessary. A successful case would result in fair and just financial compensation for the client in order to assuage their costs.

The Difference between a Slip, a Trip, and a Fall

The legal system can be complex and it is important that the right terminology is used when advocating for a client during a personal injury claim. So what is the real difference between a slip, a trip, and a fall? Consider the following definitions:

  • Slip: When someone slips on a surface, it is because there is not enough grip or friction between the sole of his or her footwear and the surface. This could be because the surface is slippery or because appropriate footwear is not being worn.
  • Trip: A trip often occurs when someone either comes into contact with an obstacle in his or her path or when there is too much grip between the soles of his or her shoes and the floor surface.
  • Fall: A fall can occur as a result of a trip or a fall and actually tends to cause the most serious injuries. This is especially problematic when there is a fall from a height and further injuries are sustained.

It is always wise to seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer in a possible personal injury case. There is no need for anyone to bear the burden all alone.