How to Win a Criminal Case in Clear Lake, TX

Do you know that crime rates in Clear Lake, TX are 84% lower than the national average? But despite this low criminal record, what would you do if you were arrested and charged with a criminal case?

Remember, the steps you take in a criminal case can build or destroy your defense. Here are some basic tips on how to win this case.

  1.   Get the Best Legal Representation

The quality of your legal representation determines the strength of your defense arguments in court. Therefore, take time and look for a highly rated, experienced criminal defense attorney in Clear Lake, TX to argue your case.

The attorney will help you gather evidence to help your shelter application. With their experience, they’ll investigate all the cases that relate to your applications thus setting you up for an immediate round of questioning in court. Make sure you discuss their charges to avoid any disarrays later.

  1.   Listen to Your Lawyer

No matter what happens in your criminal case proceedings, listen to your attorney. Immediately after the arrest, the police will start gathering evidence against you. And once the prosecutor gets your file, they will start building a strong case against you. If you make a mistake or say something wrong, it’ll be used against you in court. You don’t want this to happen.

Therefore, seek guidance from your attorney on all matters relating to this case. Ask them what you should and shouldn’t do. With this, you’ll avoid making a mistake that ruins your possibility of getting a positive outcome in court.

  1.   Be Resilient

Facing a criminal charge is a tough exercise. However, don’t lose hope. Otherwise, you risk your chances of coming out strong in the end.

Yes, the future may appear bleak, but be positive. Your attorney will give perspective on the situation. And yes, a good attorney will tell you about the worst possible scenario and how they plan to fight for you.

  1.   Don’t Worry About the Cost

Most criminal defense attorneys charge their clients on an hourly basis. However, don’t let this discourage you and prevent you from engaging an attorney or asking questions relating to your case.

Yes, legal representation requires moves, but it also saves your future. Consider the loss you’re likely to incur if you get a conviction. And while you may not serve time in jail, the conviction may taint your image thus preventing you from finding work. When your entire future is on trial, money shouldn’t be the primary concern.

  1.   Consider a Plea Agreement

Is there a significant risk of conviction at trial? Maybe the resultant consequences from this conviction are too high? Then you can avoid trial by accepting a plea agreement.

You must have a criminal defense attorney with you when considering a plea. The reason, they’ll assess it to determine whether it is a good one or a bad one. In case of multiple charges, the attorney will strive to get some dropped or consolidated.

Where the plea calls for an active jail term, the attorney can negotiate to have it reduced by having you serve the sentences concurrently instead of consecutively for multiple charges.

Remember, once you accept a plea agreement, it is very difficult to undo. Thus, don’t enter into it without the assistance of a competent attorney.


Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. In the same way, you can’t self-diagnose yourself with cancer or any other ailment, don’t handle a criminal case by yourself. Rather, engage a criminal defense attorney to protect yourself and your rights.