How To Protect Your Family From Cantankerous Canines

50% of all reported dog bites in the United States come from canines that the victim knows well. Over 4 million people get bitten by dogs every year, and young children often suffer the most. As a dog owner, you must ensure the safety of others in the presence of your pet.

It’s important to understand that all dogs have a natural set of instincts that they will use to protect and defend themselves if they deem it necessary. Sometimes, even the owner of the dog can even be a victim. Any breed of dog will attack if it has been provoked or feels threatened; the size and gender of the pet does not matter. If bitten, the wound has the potential to become infected. Victims should irrigate the wound and seek medical counsel if this happens.

Spaying or neutering the dog is always an option to curb aggression, but easier and less invasive practices are recommended before this is decided upon. These methods include regular exercise, a healthy diet, and obedience training. It is also recommended that the dog spend time around other dogs and humans from a young age. This way, the dog will find itself to be more comfortable around others and less anxious.

To learn more on how to prevent dog bites, please see the accompanying guide created by Van Sant Law.

Infographic courtesy of Van Sant Law, Atlanta’s top personal injury claim lawyers