How to Be More Charismatic At Trial

Part of acquiring excellent attorney SEO services is knowing what the client is hoping for in their pursuit at justice. But winning personal injury claims requires much more than attorney SEO services. For clients like yourself, you need to be able to communicate and carry yourself in a trial so that people in the courtroom like you. Otherwise, you’re unlikable and sometimes even hard to believe. If you want to be charismatic at trial, keep reading this article. Here is everything you need to know to stand out in your trial.

Speak Clearly and Fluently

While there are microphones in courtrooms, there is no good substitute for opening your mouth and speaking as clearly as possible. For one, the stenographer can easily be confused, but aside from that, the judge will have to ask you to keep repeating yourself anyway. So, why not speak up? Speaking in a feeble and passive voice will make you appear uncertain and confusing to those watching. For your attorney to work his magic, make sure your voice carries. Everyone truly does want to hear what you have to say.

Show the Correct Body Language Where Appropriate

There will be times at a trial when your emotions come into play and you can’t keep calm. Whether you’re angry by something the defense said or you’re reminded of what pain you endured, your body language matters. Show the judge and jury that you’re trustworthy by sitting up straight and smiling when appropriate. Resist the urge to use body language solely for communicating and instead use it to emphasize the messages you’re trying to convey to others. As long as the courtroom sees you’re careful about the signs you’ll send, they’ll consider you respectful. Respect is one of the most essential aspects of a fair trial.

Leave the Attitude at Home

On the other hand, if you’re in a bad mood, you’ll want to leave visible signs at home. If you want to interrupt, be rude, or make aggressive comments, you’re only hurting yourself. For you to win a personal injury claim, there has to be enough evidence supporting your case. No amount of shouting and rude behavior will help you at trial. In fact, all you’ll be doing is making yourself look bad and increasing the chances that other people don’t believe you.

Be Willing to Be Vulnerable

Put yourself out there and be willing to share stories that make you vulnerable. When a judge and jury see you taking risks, they’ll trust you even more, and the cycle begins. Gaining respect from those in the courtroom requires some discomfort in the end. Whether it’s a story about a personal experience or a memory about a relative, the deeper you allow the audience into your life and mind, the better.

Make Eye Contact With the Judge and Jury

Staring at a wall in the far corner of the room will make you appear distracted to the jury. For suspicious folks, being unable to make eye contact with the people you’re telling your story to is a sign of dishonesty, or at the very least lack of confidence. Make eye contact with every member of the courtroom who’s listening throughout the duration of your testimony. You’ll feel better overall as you gain confidence from being honest while making eye contact.

Whenever you prepare for a personal injury case, attorney SEO services can connect you to the best lawyer. But even having the best attorney won’t do you much good unless you’re willing to be vulnerable and show confident body language at trial. Even then, you’ll have to keep your attitude in check, as after all, a respectful plaintiff is one who can be believed more than anyone. So, next time you decide to head for trial, slow down, take these steps, and you’ll be more confident about being taken seriously in court.