Cofer and Connelly PLLC: Who Are The Lawyers in This Criminal Justice Law Firm Based in San Marcos Texas:

 Despite being just 30 miles outside of the city of Austin, San Marcos Texas has relatively limited options when it comes to local lawyers and criminal justice based law firms. While this may make it difficult to secure expert and reliable criminal defense for those unable to travel far distances, Cofer and Connelly is one San Marcos based criminal justice law firm that has been locally awarded for its superb representation, with lawyers specializing in all areas of criminal law who have successfully defended the entire range of criminal cases, from traffic violations to petty misdemeanors and serious and complex felonies. Here’s some background on the law firm Cofer and Connelly and its partners.

Firm Background:

Cofer and Connelly PLLC was founded in 2020 after Rick Cofer and Jeffrey Connelly co-counseled on several cases together and discovered that they both shared similar backgrounds and fundamental ideas about how to run a law firm. Cofer and Connelly was designed to be a modern law firm providing expert and results based representation with a focus on technological and client satisfaction. Since being founded, the lawyers in criminal justice based in San Marcos has been home to only the most prestigious local lawyers who boast a combined 65 years of legal experience, having represented over 18,000 cases and 315 jury trials.

Given Cofer and Connelly’s presence as a San Marcos based criminal justice law firm, lawyers Rick Cofer and Jeffrey Connelly are highly involved in the local Hays and Travis County community. Rick Cofer is highly involved in the local environmental and LGBTQ organizations, serving as the President of the Pease Park Conservancy Board of Directors providing greenspace to Austin, and the Vice Chair of the Texas Health Action Kind Clinic which provides LGBTQ health services. Jeffrey Connelly is also an avid environmentalist who serves on the board of directors of the Hill Country Conservancy which is a non-profit organization that preserves the natural resources of Texas Hill Country.

The Lawyers of Cofer and Connelly’s San Marcos Based Criminal Justice Law Firm:

Rick Cofer:

With a 94% dismissal and acquittal rate since 2019 and experience representing clients in over 100 jury trials, Cofer is a tested criminal defense lawyer who has successfully handled some of Central Texas’ most serious felonies such as murder and sexual assault. With a tenure as an Assistant District Attorney and Assistant County Attorney, Cofer has spent the last 20 years becoming acquainted with the local Travis and Hays County judges, prosecution, and courts, often granting him the ability to swiftly and discreetly handle a case without having to involve his clients. For his record of success as a criminal defense attorney, Cofer has been named among the nation’s Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers.

Jeffrey Connelly:

Jeffrey Connelly is a third generation trial lawyer with an extensive background in criminal law as a former Assistant District Attorney who prosecuted cases under the Atlanta Complex Trial Division. While Connelly has substantial experience prosecuting and defending a variety of felonies, he has also spent a great deal of time representing civil matters while working for a prominent Atlanta law firm. Given this expertise, Connelly currently leads the civil litigation practice at Cofer and Connelly specializing in family law and personal injury cases.

Geoffrey Puryear:

With experience as a former felony prosecutor and Texas District Judge, Geoffrey Puryear has an invaluable awareness of the justice system, knowing how to negotiate and what to expect when defending in even the most complex cases. This knowledge has repeatedly been put to the test, as Puryear has represented clients dealing with serious felonies in hundreds of jury trials. Puryear is known throughout Texas for his criminal law expertise and was appointed by both former Texas Governor Rick Perry and current Texas Governor Greg Abbott to provide his council and expertise to various criminal issues and preside over jury trials and rule on certain evidentiary issues.

Mark Pryor:

With over 20 years of experience practicing law, Mark Pryor has handled every kind of criminal case and has even acted as lead prosecutor on over a dozen murder cases giving him a unique perspective on what it takes to win complex felony trials. In addition to his expertise representing complicated felonies, Pryor is well versed in juvenile law, having prosecuted and defended juvenile cases ranging from Class B misdemeanors to capital murder.