Taking a commercial lease is a big step. When you sign one, it is legally binding. A commercial lease is a form of a written agreement between the landlord and the business tenant. Hence, it has a lot of legal aspects included in it. Before you sign any commercial lease, you must run the agreement through a trusted commercial lease lawyer like Before you sign any legally binding document, you must get inputs from the experts themselves. A commercial lease is one of the largest expenses of most business ventures. So you must make a well-informed decision that you will gain from in the long run. We are here to explain a commercial lease to you and how a lawyer can help you.

What is a commercial lease?

A commercial lease is a legally binding agreement signed between the landlord and the business tenant. The agreement includes various terms and conditions which aren’t included in the residential lease. A commercial lease will include repair clauses, leasehold improvement, taxes, options for the first refusal, space and services included, types of business that can be operated on-premises, escape clause and sublet clause. There are many small aspects of the agreement that need to be closely looked at. All these aspects will play an essential role in your experience while leasing a commercial property.

Why should you seek guidance and legal advice?

A commercial lease is one of the significant expenses of any company, so you must sign this legally binding document with your eyes wide open. You need to evaluate the agreement and see if it works for you or not. If it doesn’t, then you might be stuck with the commercial space for some time to come.

How can a commercial lease lawyer help you?

When you plan to sign a commercial lease, you should reach out to a commercial lease lawyer. They will go through your lease and review it. It is the area of expertise of the lawyer. They will review the minutest detail that you might miss and tell you how they can impact you in the long run. The lawyer will help you to negotiate the terms of the commercial lease so that they are more suited to your requirements. Approaching a commercial lease lawyer for reviewing your lease is essential. They can also help you with landlord and tenant disputes. If you are a property owner, they will also guide you to draft a lease.

Book your consultation with a lawyer today

Before signing a commercial lease, you must consult an experienced commercial lease lawyer. Experienced commercial lease lawyers at GLG LLP will assist you with all aspects of negotiations and help you to finalize the lease. For a good agreement, you need a lawyer by your side who is detail-oriented and meticulous in the work that they do. They should take care of the fine print and negotiate to help you get the optimal space for your business venture.