A Lawyer’s Advice on How to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse

Parents have the responsibility of protecting their children from everything that may harm them. Unfortunately, when it comes to sexual abuse, one can never know a person with bad intentions. In most cases, sexual perpetrators are the people around us and those we trust with our children. Children are still learning, and we don’t want to threaten them about dreadful people or potential criminals. However, there are things we can do to protect them and help them protect themselves. We hope that such unfortunate things will not happen to our children. Nevertheless, if it happens and your child is abused by a clergy member, it is crucial to find help from the right New York priest sexual abuse lawyer. Here is advice from a lawyer on how to protect children.

  • Teach Them Boundaries

One way you can keep your child safe from sexual abuse, when you are not around, is to teach them boundaries. At an early age, teach your kid about their bodies and where other people, especially strangers should never touch them. Teach them about physical boundaries and say no when a person crosses these boundaries. Let them know they should tell you when a person touches their private parts.

  • Believe Them When They Tell You Something

Most survivors tell that the reason why they never come out sooner is the fear that no one will believe them. Others say that the fact that nobody believed them is a wound that will never heal. As a parent, don’t dismiss or disregard your child’s attempt to disclose the perpetrator. If a child tells you about an attempted sexual abuse, believe them in the first place. Even if the authorities will not believe you, let the child know that you believe them.

  • Never Ignore Red Flags

You can always know when your child is not in the right mood or behavior. Never ignore the red flags you see with your child. If the child is not comfortable spending time with a particular person, don’t force them and find out why. If the kid resists when a person tries to hold or hug them, don’t force them. A child who was happy, active, and outgoing may abruptly choose to remain indoors, lose appetite, or just feel less energetic. In such a case, try to find out why they have changed. A child’s change in behavior could be because of many things. Try to find the origin and act accordingly.

  • Pay Attention to Your Children

Always pay attention to what your kid does or what they have to say. Some parents whose kids have been victims of sexual abuse confess to having dismissed their kids’ pleas. If a child no longer wants to go to a relative’s place they used to love, listen to them and don’t force them. There must be a reason why they no longer want to do the things they used to love doing.

In conclusion, it is your duty as a parent to protect your child from potential perpetrators. These are crucial things you should do to ensure you don’t put your child at risk of being a sex abuse victim.