6 Things a Personal Injury Attorney Does for you

If you sustain injuries or are hurt due to someone else’s negligence or intentional acts, then you are legally legible to file a claim against them to get compensation for the damages they have caused you. However, since the lawsuit process is highly complicated and involving, and that the perpetrator’s insurance company will always have a team of lawyers in their quarters, it’s often in your best interest to work with qualified personal injury attorneys, like the El Dabe Ritter trial lawyers, to get the most from the process.

Here is a list of things a personal injury attorney will do for you:

Offer legal advice

As an average person, you probably aren’t well-versed with the legal processes. After all, you don’t deal with personal injury cases on a daily basis. A lawyer, on the other hand, lives, eats and sleeps personal injury cases. You can leverage their experience to know the best course of legal action that you can take. The lawyer will also inform of things to say and things that you shouldn’t say to other parties regarding your case.

Act in your best interest

Remember, you will be dealing with top-tier lawyers representing the defender’s insurance company. They will try to offer you unfair deals and sometimes, claim that you were at fault. Technically, insurance companies won’t be on your side – their goal is to protect their business’ bottom line, and if that means paying you less than you deserve, so be it. But your lawyer has your best interest at heart and will fight to ensure you are adequately compensated for your injuries.

Do all the legwork for you

You will need evidence of the accident, medical reports, a letter from your employer about the missed hours and so on to enhance your chances of getting a fair settlement. Your personal injury lawyer will help take care of most of these things for you. They will collect evidence on your behalf; identify, interview and prepare witnesses; find, recruit and work with professionals including medical specialists, economic experts and accident reconstructionist. That’s peace of mind.

Negotiate settlement

Lawyers deal with personal injury cases frequently – they understand how much an injury can impact your life at the present moment and in the future. When negotiating for a settlement, they will factor all the costs that you will incur, and table them during the negotiations, so that you can get adequate compensation.

Represent you in court

If your lawyer doesn’t get a fair settlement deal with the insurer through negotiations, he or she can take the case to court and argue in your defense before the judge. Other than that, the presence of a lawyer in your case is also a great way to nudge the insurance company to listen to your demands and act fast, because they know that there is a possibility of litigation.

Works within the statute of limitation

Your lawyer understands the time limitation provided for personal injury cases and will make sure that all technical requirements and deadlines are met before the deadlines.