5 Qualities of a Good Probate Attorney

Probate planning is an important part of preparing for the future. This helps to address all aspects of your end-of-life request, including the power of attorney, probate avoidance, estate tax planning, healthcare proxy, and your will. Without a will, your family may be unable to deal with all your affairs as per your wishes.

To make sure the probate plan includes all the details, you need to hire a qualified probate lawyer. But not every probate lawyer has the same experience and training. And not making the right decision might be expensive. This is why it is important to ensure your lawyer for probate has the following qualities:

1.      Professionalism

In probate cases, the courtroom’s impression is often projected by the attorney you hire. You want to ensure the lawyer you hire makes a good impression.

In addition, your attorney must be prompt when meeting up with you and show professionalism as you interact. When you deal with a more organized lawyer, it often shows courtesy as well as reflects well on your case.

2.      Empathy

Losing a family member is frustrating. The closer your relationship with the loved one, the harder it becomes for you and the rest of the family. In such trying times, probate and estate planning may seem unimportant. Yet such issues should be swiftly resolved.

The attorney dealing with the case must be understanding and emphatic about the emotional and mental condition of the client. If you are named as the executor of the deceased’s property, you could be stressed by the whole situation.

3.      Communication Skills

Probate attorneys must be open with clients. They need to listen to all their concerns as well as guide them accordingly. An excellent responder may get answers to their concerns and questions right away. They need to offer solutions and recommendations as well.

As a client, you need to look for an attorney who communicates efficiently and effectively with clients. Your lawyer needs to listen to what you say and share their thoughts with the entire family.

4.      Experienced and Knowledge

A great probate lawyer must be versed in the court procedures and complex laws involved in probate proceedings. You should deal with a lawyer who understands how probate law works in your state.

It will also be important to look for a probate attorney with enough experience and knowledge. Don’t hire an attorney who is starting out. Find one who has practiced law extensively and understands the nuances of the court.

5.      Resources

At times, your probate plan might be challenged in the courtroom in your absence. Normally, this happens when some relatives are unhappy with your decisions.

Hiring a qualified probate attorney often comes in handy. They have enough resources to defend all the beneficiaries you included in your plan.

The Takeaway!

You must choose a qualified probate lawyer who you may trust and who understands all your needs. It is not easy to get all these qualities in an attorney. But they can make a great difference in an attorney’s service. This is why you need to consider all these qualifications before you make a final decision.