STEP 5 – 341a Trustee Meeting

In 30-60 days after your filing date, you will need to attend a 341a Trustee Meeting in court. This meeting usually last about an hour.

For some clients the anticipation of the 341a Meeting may cause some anxiety. However, in reality, the proceedings are very smooth and your personal bankruptcy attorney will be there by your side. When you filed your bankruptcy petition,  you were assigned a bankruptcy trustee, a court appointed official who oversees the details of your bankruptcy. During this meeting, you will meet with the trustee to review your case. The meeting is designed for creditors to ask you questions, but in most cases, creditors do not show up. The time and expense to send a creditor representative out is usually much greater than your financial recovery.

Our bankruptcy attorneys at Subranni Zauber LLC have attended thousands of 341a Trustee Meetings and will guide you through every question. You can breath easily and relax during this meeting. Your attorney will give you legal advice on what offers to accept or reject.

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